Peter Bradley

From the age of 16 Peter knew he wanted to be an Architect.  He went to Oxford Brooked University to do a building course with the aim of changing to Architecture but never did and still refers back to that building course today.  He eventually trained to be an architect in Leicester several years later.

Whilst the perception of an architect is designing buildings, it’s just a small part of what they do.  They must learn to be project managers, understand legal requirements and financial aspects of a project.  Peter really enjoys the technical aspect of delivering a design of a building that allows it to be constructed.  Having to pull all these aspects together within the team Peter thrives on teamwork and seeing how others solve problems and work together to deliver a scheme.

In his spare time Peter plays golf and rugby including coaching his eldest son.  His ambition is to play at Twickenham!  Peter completed his first (and only) marathon at the age of 11 and still enjoys the outdoors but at a more leisurely pace of a walk in the country.