Lee Chapman

At the age of 10 Lee was helping his family on a building project when he met a QS with a ‘flash’ car. This became his aspiration and Lee started his career as a trainee property surveyor with Atkins, Chelmsford after being talent spotted by his lecturer in his first year at university.

A Norfolk boy at heart he was drawn back towards his home county and before joining Arctica he spent 12 years at Aecom where he worked with leading blue-chip food processing and manufacturing companies. His experience includes pre-and-post contract cost management and quantity surveying services for new build facilities, refurbishments, and process line extension.

Lee loves the interaction of all the stakeholders involved in a project and their drive to achieve the common goal of Time, Cost and Quality. He is passionate about his role within Arctica and thrives on being “the leading food sector consultancy to realise our client’s ambitions”.

When time allows Lee can be found on the golf course or in his garden. He has never achieved his dream of the ‘flash’ car but enjoys driving his 60 year old classic TR3.