Chris Cunningham

Chris started his career delivering papers, stacking shelves, and working on the tills whilst at studying at college.  Having always wanted a job that had an impact on everyday lives Chris decided that architecture would tick all the boxes.

Designing the digital twin of buildings is a captivating process that Chris is passionate about.  The fine tuning of every detail to cover all the theory before it’s constructed is a test on our ability to see what can be achieved to make a safe environment for those building our design and those working within.

Being involved at every stage gives Chris the opportunity to influence and enhance the outcome.  From site surveys to finding the best specs for a project at a time where the construction industry markets update regularly is challenging, however being able to see the innovations emerging and applying them makes this role rewarding.

In his spare time Chris enjoys running and being outdoors including growing his own fruit and vegetables.  He can be seen running the Whissendine 6 miler each week and his ambition is to run around Rutland Waters which is a marathon equivalent.